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From Strategy to Focus


In order to enable implementing sustainable change Stratofocus takes care of the right alignment between management, employees, processes and the supporting technology in your organisation. Typical for the approach are the ability to recognise structures, plan-based working and delivering according to plan. The strengths of business consulting and project management are jointly applied, comparable with a combined role of architect and lead contractor.


Together with management (client) and employees the current situation is assessed and objectives discussed. Subsequently a plan is defined and the project organisation mobilised followed by execution of the plan and monitoring of progress against the agreed delivery. Next to close monitoring of the implementation attention will be paid to the application and maintenance of the linkages between the processes and people; the glue that keeps it together and makes it work.


Good communication between management and employees, and external communication with stakeholders, is of crucial importance in a change process. Where necessary, support in the communication is provided.


Training and coaching are important elements in the change process. A lot of attention will be paid to the current state of your people, like the way they learn, such that your organisation’s power to implement and deal with change will naturally increase over time. Employees will know better what drives and makes the organisation tick and will work more focused, delivering agreed targets within the agreed timeframe and budget.